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Wilmington Drinking Water Crisis, Chemours GenX and PFAS, DEQ cover-up

Table of Contents

Wilmington to Fayetteville Drinking Water Crisis and state agency Cover-up

(What went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again?)

Unit 1: Background and Discovery (2004)

Unit 2: Agency's Extraordinary Communication Lockdown (2005)

Unit 3: Trying to Find the Path of the Cover-up

Unit 4: Company's efforts to Mislead

Unit 5: Agency's Remarkable Success at Significantly Reducing Fluorocarbon Emissions (2017-2019)

Unit 6: Lessons Learned from the Crisis

Unit 7: Challenging path to Modernization & Transparency, and regaining Public Trust

Dupont Chemours GenX, PFAS, NC DEQ Cover-up