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Unit 1: Background and Discovery

Inspections at Dupont Fayetteville (1999-2004)

(Inspector: Thomas H. McKinney)

Ch. 1: Inspect & Study Dupont Fayetteville (1999-2000)

Beautiful setting on the Cape Fear River in Bladen County;

Fascinating and complex organic chemistry; and

Forthcoming employees at the plant.

Ch. 2: Growing Concern (2001-2003)

Efforts to identify individual chemicals reported non-specifically as volatile organic compounds (VOCs);

Questions about new APFO manufacturing operation at Dupont Fayetteville site;

Growing concern about PFOA (also known as C8) in West Virginia and Ohio from a similar Dupont plant on the Ohio River;

Growing concern about unregulated pollutants at Dupont Fayetteville Works; and

Focus on PFOA (C8) in technical journals.

Ch. 3: Startling Development (2004)

Surprising information from 09/24/2004 inspection - PFOA (C8) detected in groundwater monitoring well;

Concerns about wastewater treatment plant;

Fate of fluorocarbons in wastewater;

Fate of fluorocarbons in the Cape Fear River; and

Shifting the focus to Nafion Vinyl Ethers (Fluorochemicals Plant).

Ch. 4: Communicating about Complex Facilities (2005)

Presentation at EPA Conference held in RTP, NC (April 2005);

Butacite vs. Nafion vs. APFO - where to focus attention;

Unlisted pollutants vs. listed pollutants;

West Virginia and Ohio news reports about PFOA (C8) in water and air;

Fayetteville news reports about PFOA (C8); and

Meeting in Raleigh on September 23, 2005 (between Agency and Dupont).

Ch. 5: Silenced - Highly Unusual (after meeting between Agency and Dupont on Sept. 23, 2005)

Inspector excluded from all responsibilities and meetings related to Dupont; and

No explanation, No discussion or communication.

Note 1: Inspector left the Agency in 2006.

Fayetteville Observer: Something in the Water: Are We Next?

Note 2: It appears that most of the participants in the September 23, 2005 meeting between the Agency and Dupont have retired.

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