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Unit 2: Agency's Extraordinary Communication Lockdown (2005)

Ch. 1: Meeting between the State Environmental Agency and Dupont's Environmental Manager (September 23, 2005)

Agency inspector challenged the Dupont environmental manager's misleading presentation; and

Dead silence from supervisor, director, and other meeting participants.

Ch. 2: Inspector Silenced after Dupont meeting (2005)

Inspector excluded from all responsibilities and meetings related to Dupont;

No explanation, No discussion or communication;

Fayetteville supervisor very angry at inspector, but would not explain why;

Inspector contacted Human Resources and asked for advice; and

Director of Air Quality contacted inspector and told him he was not allowed to speak to anyone about what was happening in the office or it would be considered "insubordination;"

Ch. 3: No Explanations or Fair Communication (2005)

Director scheduled a meeting with the inspector and supervisor for October, but later postponed it to November;

Inspector's wife (also an Agency employee in Fayetteville) was told to attend the meeting;

Air Quality Director angry that inspector contacted the Office of Human Resources;

Inspector submitted written suggestions to Human Resources with possible solutions to improve communications;

Meeting held in November - Director scolded inspector for contacting Human Resources;

Inspector discussed his understanding of the Agency Honor Code;

Director of Air Quality said Agency Honor Code does not apply to the Agency's Division of Air Quality;

Director escalated the retaliation by mandating that either the inspector or his wife (also an Agency employee in Fayetteville) must leave the Fayetteville office and work in the Agency's Raleigh office; and

Inspector began months-long process of trying to obtain a fair conversation to understand why supervisor and director were angry and engaging in retaliation.

Ch. 4: Failed Attempts to obtain Fair Conversation (2005-2006)

Asked about the Agency's Honor Code;

Talked with Office of Human Resources;

Talked with Agency's Office of Organizational Excellence;

Five-Minute Meeting with Agency's Deputy Secretary;

Supervisor cautions inspector that Agency directors and supervisors are allowed to treat staff members any way they want "as long as it does not involve the police;"

Failed attempts to meet with the head of the Agency;

Agency's Managers Forum event;

Meeting with State Representative 1;

Meeting with State Senator 2;

Response from State Senator 3 (via his brother);

Meeting with attorney at Cranfill, Sumner & Hartzog, LLP;

Inspector announced his resignation from the Agency; and

After the inspector announced his resignation, he received a phone call from the director saying, "the only problem I had with you was that you contacted Human Resources."