Enjoy Math and Science

Unit 4: Company's Efforts to Mislead

Ch. 1: Events during 2004-2005

Candid conversation with inspector (provides legal cover?);

Easy "end run" around inspector;

Call meeting with supervisors and managers in Raleigh (September of 2005);

Misleading presentation to supervisors and managers; and

Inspector rendered irrelevant.

Ch. 2: Seven Years later in 2012

Agency's 2012 Memo & Report; and

Was the Agency still allowing "end runs" around inspectors?

Ch. 3: Meeting between Company, Agency, and Local Officials on June 15, 2017

Shifting back and forth between the various chemical processes in a manner that is difficult to follow even if familiar with the multiple chemical plants at the site;

Not mentioning until asked twice that persistent fluorocarbon (PFAS) emissions to the Cape Fear River have been going on since 1980;

Nonsensical Comparison: Trying to compare fluorocarbon (PFAS) concentrations in the Cape Fear River to lead concentrations in Flint; and

Trying to Minimize Contamination of Drinking Water: Did you know that cooked brussels sprouts might not be good for you?